Professional Services

More Than Just Basic Tech Support

Northwind’s IT Professional Services represent the high-end of the tech industry.


Because many companies need advice during strategic planning sessions or the procurement process, and they may not be able to have a team of IT experts on staff, Northwind offers of professional Consulting Services to you and your company.


Most people are used to troubleshooting minor problems with their software. But when you have a system-wide crisis, with no clear cause, it often makes sense to bring in an expert to sort things out.

In fact, our Northwind Professionals can even be called in to figure out what has gone wrong with a major project so that your team doesn’t get too far off track.

Turnkey Solution Providers

Sometimes your IT needs are so specific that the market simply doesn’t have exactly the right tool for the job.

In that case, Northwind’s IT professional services can put together a team to build an IT solution just for you.